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Ari & Sue from Equestrian Pilates

Ari & Sue from Equestrian Pilates

Not only does our site have lots of useful information on the benefits of Equestrian Pilates but for only £10 per month you can join our Members Area where  you can access Equestrian Pilates training videos viewable on devices from PCs to Smart Phones.

*  Sign Up for your free trial where you can view sample videos – great for checking out if your broadband can cope with our high quality HD videos

*  Upgrade to full membership for only £10 per month to view 9 additional videos for Month 1 – just over £1 per session!

*  Your membership automatically renews after 28 days and a further batch of videos is released to your ‘library’ – and you still have the first 9 too!  As the months progress you will learn new exercises and there are longer ‘classes’ made up from exercises you have learnt the month(s) before.

*  The training is progressive, taking you step by step through new exercises month after month.

*  After completing the 12 month programme you no longer have to pay – but you still get access to all those lovely videos for as long as you like!

*  If every you wish to cancel, just email us and we will stop your subscription (make sure you give us 7 days notice though please)


Testimonial I would never have believed that it was possible to improve my riding by doing something other than riding. Sue’s pilates has really made a significant difference to my riding and all round posture. Eileen Testimonial