Why Equestrian Pilates?

Ari & Sue from Equestrian Pilates

Ari & Sue from Equestrian Pilates

Equestrian Pilates can benefit riders of all ages, abilities and disciplines, whether that is on a competitive dressage, eventing, show jumping or driving level, a ‘happy hacker’ – and all the other levels and activities in between! It can help to:

Our Website

This site has two components, firstly a section explaining what Equestrian Pilates is and how and who it can help.

Secondly, and the most exciting bit (in my opinion!) is the Members Area where for only £10 per month you can access Equestrian Pilates training videos viewable on devices from PCs to Smart Phones.


Testimonial I would never have believed that it was possible to improve my riding by doing something other than riding. Sue’s pilates has really made a significant difference to my riding and all round posture. Eileen Testimonial