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Equestrian Pilates started life as just that, Pilates programmes specifically for horse riders of all disciplines.  As you can tell from the domain name, I was at the forefront of recognising the benefits Pilates offered to riders. 

Over the years my work changed – I fully confess to having a drive to learn and develop my skills, hence moving away from my face-to-face classes and clients.  What started as a bit of fun, going along to hire a local riding simulator with a couple of clients, has ended up with me transferring my years of anatomy and biomechanical knowledge into ridden tuition.  I now have my own Racewood Eventing simulator which I use to explain an anatomical approach to riding to my many clients.

In addition to this work I have also moved into ‘brain training’ over the last few years, more information on this work can be found on my other website here

As you can imagine, having so many arms to the business it is tricky to keep everything fresh on the websites but I will continue to try!