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About Sue Gould-Wright

So this is the page where I am supposed to tell you all the amazing qualifications I have and how wonderful I am etc. As you may have gathered from my other pages that really isn’t my way; I am laid back, chilled out, matter of fact and proud of it. So here are some facts you might actually find helpful and hopefully will help you decide that I am the person you need to help you:

Body Training: I’ve been sporty all my life – running, rowing, swimming, climbing, kayaking, horse riding, cycling and probably loads more I can’t think of – so have had many injuries and ailments. I have had bulging discs in my lower back for years and it was Pilates that took me from constant pain to ‘what pain?’ in a short space of time and kept me there. In other words, I do actually know what it is like to be in pain and have physical limitations. I have extensive Pilates and Sports Massage training.

Brain Training: As with being sporty for years I was also lacking in confidence, had low self-esteem, couldn’t make a decision to save myself, and generally was pretty low for a long time. I found the usual ‘self-help’ books were pretty gloomy and focussed on what had gone on in the past rather than making the future wonderful so whenever I found a subject that DID focus on moving forward I studied it further. Cue a host of qualifications in Life Coaching, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and a whole load more.

Rider Biomechanics: Horses loose in the field or menage can usually move pretty well. Stick a rider onboard and that can often change. If the rider is stiff, wonky and unbalanced how the heck can the horse not be too? This side of my work is a much about giving the horse a more comfortable life as it is to help the rider!

The Mindful Rider: The first three areas of my business are all my brain, this one comes from the heart. I believe our animals can teach us so much if only we listen. To listen we need to combine all the above and become quieter physically and mentally so that our interactions with animals are more on their terms – we can hear and learn to speak their language!

I hope that has helped but please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.