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Equestrian Pilates

As I said on the home page, I no longer offer weekly group Equestrian Pilates classes.  I do have limited spaces for private lessons at my premises here in Suffolk; they are £70 per hour.

There is a 12 month training programme which I created a few years ago available to either rent or buy from Vimeo. The rental option means you can give it a whirl for a month to see if you like it but you can only watch it ‘live’ from Vimeo so would need internet connection.  The buy option allows you to download all of the videos to a device of your choice so that you can exercise as and when you wish.  The videos range in length from 5 minutes to 45 minutes plus; when I created the programme I had in mind that horse riders are often strapped for time so I opted to give you short ‘snippets’ you could fit in as and when rather than lots of hour-long sessions. You can find the videos here

There is a short ‘on the yard’ Equestrian Pilates programme along with Mindfulness and Rider Confidence courses available as self-study options from our store

My book ‘Equestrian Pilates – Schooling for the Rider’ is available widely online.  All of the exercises in the book are based on the yard – no excuses like you don’t have a mat or time to practice!