Rider Analysis & Coaching

Sue Gould-Wright has over a decade’s experience working with horse riders of all disciplines, ages and abilities.  With a background in Pilates and Sports Massage/Rehabilitation Sue teaches her riders how to physically achieve the optimum riding position – for balance, clarity of aids, clear communication with the horse.

Where a riding instructor may focus on the horse’s way of going, Sue’s focus is on the rider’s; an unbalanced, asymmetrical rider will be unlikely to produce a light, soft off the aids, balanced horse.

A simulator session usually involves Sue observing the rider in the Dressage Instruction mode (the best for assessment as no steering required!), observing any ‘bad’ habits, overworking or under-working muscle groups, and postural imbalances.  From there Sue works to stretch, release or simply reposition the rider to enable them to find their natural balance point.  The session concludes with some prescriptive exercises.  Future sessions build on this solid foundation including effective rein communication, softer leg aids, sitting to powerful movements – pretty much anything you can do on a real horse!

As Douglas (the simulator – they all have names!) is one of only two eventing simulators in the UK and the only one publicly available for lessons Sue can work on flatwork, show jumping and cross country with her clients.  Douglas does all collected, medium and extended paces and can jump anything from a tiny cross pole to 1.2m.  He has even been ridden Western!