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Riding Simulator

Riding Simulator

Have you ever wondered if you are sitting squint / lopsided / asymmetrically / on the wonk – whatever your favourite term is – on your horse? The sessions I offer on the top of the range Racewood Eventing Simulator are for you then.

I offer varied formats from 45 minute private ridden lessons to group sessions. The riding simulator, or mechanical horse as they are sometimes known, is around 15.1hh and is capable of walk, trot, canter, lateral movements and jumping up to 1.2m.

Once you are on the horse I assess how you are sitting and moving and identify where your body is over-working, under-working and probably not working the same either side. Sessions can get to the root cause of why you cannot sit well to the trot, move freely with the canter, why your horse is able to work better on one rein than the other.

The simulator is a great way for complete beginners to learn to ride in a safe environment or for more experienced riders to fine tune their technique.

Rider Analysis & Biomechanical Assessment on the Eventing Simulator