Benefits of Pilates

Running a close second to explaining what Pilates actually is, is trying to get across the benefits of Pilates for the Equestrian! Here are just a small selection of the many ways in which Equestrian Pilates could help:

Core Stability

The use of the ‘correct’ muscles to keep a strong upper body position; more work by the deep tummy muscles, less ‘bracing’ with the back muscles

Body Awareness

The ability of the mind to start to have an effect on the body, feeling imbalances, overworking and under-working areas, strengths and weaknesses4pt kneeling

Independent Movement

Using the limbs without unbalancing the torso; applying leg aids with absolutely no shift in the rest of the body


Using deep breathing techniques for increased oxygen uptake and also as a method of staying calm in a crisis!

Flexibility & Mobility

Low back flexibility to absorb the movements of the horse; hip flexibility to, well, get on and off without a struggle!

They are only a tiny snapshot of the benefits which you can achieve through Pilates, to go into more details would run to pages (maybe a book – now there’s a thought!). Hopefully some of the other sections will help to explain these ideas in a bit more detail.