For Groundwork

Whether you work in a traditional way or use natural horsemanship techniques, improving your posture and being aware of your posture during groundwork sessions will have benefits. Learning to stand well: centred, breathing well, standing evenly on your feet; will enable you to work for longer without being tired and could lessen the likelihood of aching muscles.

Sailor's groundworkHow you stand and how you project yourself has, as I’m sure you know, an effect on the horse or horses you are working with. If you are timid and nervous the horse you are working with will pick up on this and, as is it’s nature, will become more alert and perhaps anxious, as it tries to work out what ‘danger’ is causing you to be like that. Likewise if you are too exuberant in your actions, too vociferous with your instructions, perhaps getting a bit cross even, that too will trigger a reaction in the horse.

Equestrian Pilates exercises, as the principles explain, help you to become more body aware, to strengthen the core muscles, to learn how to use your body well.