For Non-Riders

In addition to my Equestrian clients I work with many other people who enjoy and get great benefit from Pilates. Pilates is a fantastic form of exercise for those with back pain and discomfort, indeed I get referrals from GPs, Osteopaths and Physiotherapists and, by working in conjunction with these practitioners, we can ensure the clients’ individual needs are specifically catered for.

I am qualified to teach Pilates for Pregnancy, both post-natal and ante-natal. Again, the controlled movements of Pilates are great for all stages of pregnancy and are adapted as the pregnancy progresses. The breathing techniques come in handy too!

During my time as a Body Control Pilates Instructor I have worked with such a fantastic range of clients, from children to elderly adults, from athletes to those trying to regain fitness and health. The benefits to the non-equestrian are similar to those discussed throughout this website, some of which are: