What is the Equestrian Pilates Video Training Course?

Our membership was created to enable you to have access to Equestrian Pilates classes without having to tie yourself to being at a specific venue, on a specific day, at a specific time.  A lot of my local clients cannot do this and for those I meet at clinics and demos, we live too far apart for this to be practical.  Even though I cannot even cope with having my photograph taken, for all of you out there, I overcame my shyness and set about recording hours and hours of video exercise sessions (the things I do for you, huh?).

I have years of experience working with horse riders and owners, helping them to get the most from their bodies. I explain the exercises clearly, I don’t use technical terms and I certainly don’t expect you to work on difficult exercises before we have a few months under our belts!

Our membership offers you access to Equestrian Pilates matwork video-based tuition. How does it work?

  1. You buy your monthly subscription (4 weeks to be exact!) for only £10 per month
  2. During that month you can view, as many times as you wish, a range of videos covering exercises to help with back mobility, pelvic stability, core strength, shoulder tightness, and much more.
  3. When 4 weeks is up your next payment is processed automatically and you will gain access to another set of videos AND you can still have unlimited access to Month 1
  4. And so it continues! The longer you subscribe, the more tutorials you will have at your fingertips.
  5. When you complete the 12 month programme you no longer have to pay AND you continue to have access to all of the videos for as long as you wish.

The exercises will begin at a low level and build up to more challenging exercises as the months progress, ensuring that you have solid ‘foundations’ from which to build your Pilates knowledge and skills – much like when you are schooling your horse!  In Month 1 we cover a range of basic exercises and starting positions, in Month 2 there will be 3 video-lessons using the exercises you learnt the previous month and a range of new exercise to challenge you:  this will be the format over the subsequent months also.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must always seek medical advice before commencing any new form of exercise. If you have any concerns about your ability to perform any Equestrian Pilates exercises you must seek medical advice in person: whilst every care has been taken to ensure the exercises are explained clearly and concisely, as we cannot physically see you perform the exercise by signing up to Equestrian Pilates Membership you do so on the understanding that it is undertaken at your own risk. We would also direct you to our Terms & Conditions, which must be read before you sign up.