About Sue

The internet is a wonderful thing, without it I wouldn’t be able to have this website, however it can be very impersonal and for that reason I felt it important to share with you the introductory video of my horse Ari and I in our natural state – unkempt and covered in mud – so that you could see that I am a nice and normal person!  I also wanted to give you a little insight into me and my equine background:

I started riding as a small child going to a riding school with my Mum and big Sister once a week; our Granddad even took up riding in his early sixties so it became quite a family outing!  We then got a pony (Joe) and a donkey (Frisky) and being the youngest sister you can guess which beasty I got to ride.  Saying that, from what I can remember Joe was a bit of a cantankerous pony whose favourite trick was to reverse up banks, drop his front shoulder and my sister was invariably deposited, so my trusty donkey wasn’t all bad.  My poor Dad and younger Brother were dragged to horse shows, gymkhanas and tacks shops, something which only got worse when our younger Sister also became consumed by the horsey-bug too!



Over the years I rode friends’ ponies and had a lovely old hunter on loan for a while but then work took over and I stopped riding for quite a long time.   During that break from horses I met and married my lovely husband, but the poor man didn’t quite know what had hit him when I got back into horse riding again and rekindled my equine passion – I am sure many of you reading this have partners who will feel his pain!  I got my first ‘pony’ Ari when I was 39; he was 3 when I got him but I had known him since he was a yearling.  Since then I have learnt the most important characteristic of being a horse owner - patience. You know how it is, from that very first day you sign your horse’s passport you enter that cycle of either you or the horse being out of action, briefly interspersed with bouts of fun hacking, schooling and groundwork…..or is that just me and my horse?  I also have a little rescue filly, Immortal, who arrived completely by accident in the UK from Portugal (wrong horse loaded onto the wagon) September 2014.  She sadly has cataracts in both eyes but is so darned beautiful, inside and out, that you can’t help but have your heart melted by her.

I love my work, I have fantastic supportive clients who have been with me for years, and hope to welcome you ‘virtual’ clients into the Equestrian Pilates fold too.  I do this job because I love helping others and I get the same buzz when a client tells me how much their dressage score has improved as I do when a client who was in so much pain they couldn’t even get on a horse comes to me, beaming with delight, to tell me they actually managed to ride their horse for ten minutes pain free.  I am not looking for ‘fame and fortune’ I just want to provide you with the best tuition I can, in as many formats as I can think of to make Equestrian Pilates accessible to all of you.  Although if there happens to be any pennies left over I am going to try and rescue a horse or three….and a few more dogs….and any other waifs and strays that come our way!