Simulator Sessions

During 2016 my work has moved from matwork classes to rider bio-mechanics and postural assessment.  Invaluable in this work has been the Racewood Dressage Simulator; although I do work with riders onboard their own horses, the simulator allows me to work with my clients in all paces whilst standing right next to them.

So what do I do with clients? I start by looking at the overall position, looking for areas which are doing too much, doing too little or are in ‘the wrong place’ – for example the pelvis tilted forward or back, the ribcage slumped, lifted or tilted to one side, the head poking forward or chin up in the air. All of these things, even when only slightly out of alignment, combine to make the rider less balanced and stable because in order to sit or stand in a balanced posture the head, the ribcage, the pelvis all need to be in ‘the right place’, as nature intended.

The other thing we work on is efficiency of your aids and how you are communicating with the horse. For example, if you are applying a leg aid but are unaware you are blocking them going forward by sitting a little too heavy and/or are clenching other muscles (usually thighs and butt) that you are often giving them a ‘whoa’ at the same time as a ‘go’ aid. This can lead to confusion and frustration from both horse and rider, resulting in heavier aids and then potentially to whips, spurs and the like. Awareness that your body is blocking in this way is the first step, then we need to retrain your body to ask in a different way, for example, getting you to develop your own self-carriage to enable your horse to do the same.

Sessions are available currently in Northumberland, Cumbria and Lincolnshire and dates are added to the events section on our Facebook page.