I can tell you about the benefits of Equestrian Pilates but I think the words of current clients are also important too, so here are what some of my lovely clients have to say:
“As an endurance rider I spend long hours in the saddle. I have found pilates very helpful in maintaining my flexibility. The work on strengthening my core helps me to stay straight and has improved my overall riding position. Sue is lovely to work with and puts a lot of thought into each session and how each exercise benefits the rider.” Gill

“I am addicted to Sue’s Equestrian Pilates. If I had time I would go every day. I feel stronger, straighter and looser after every session. I am definitely a lighter, more balanced and confident rider since starting pilates.” J

“Over the last few months Pilates has made me much more body aware, I walk taller, sit straighter and hopefully ride better with a deeper seat. The classes are enjoyable and I have no intention of giving up something I feel I get so much benefit from.” Julie

“I started equestrian pilates at the advice of my doctor after being diagnosed with arthritis in my lower spine. As most “horsey” girls know back pain is part of the package, however mine had become quite severe and the “doc” had me on so many pain killers I didn’t know if I was coming or going half the time. Pilates has given me flexibility back, I haven’t had a “flare up” of severe pain for a long time, as when I feel it coming on instead of tensing up and going into spasm, I now deal with it with excercises and stretches I have learnt from Sue. I would highly recommend pilates to anyone who suffers from any stiffness or aches what so ever there are levels to help everyone.” K

“Thanks very much for sorting out my exercise routine. It is really helpful to have a pattern to follow which will warm me up correctly.. It is particularly good that you identified that my lack of symmetry is partly due to that old hip injury. it gives me confidence that I can have some influence over that and improve it by working on it. Your realisation that I need to open the joint at the hip has helped me to become more stable and even in my riding. The horse really appreciates the difference, and the exercises are improving my balance on the ground as well as when riding.” V

” I would never have believed that it was possible to improve my riding by doing something other than riding. Sue’s pilates has really made a significant difference to my riding and all round posture.” E